Limited Edition Kickstarter Prints!!

Thank you so much for all your support with my Kickstarter Campaign!!
I’ve been working hard finishing these prints of San Francisco, Burning Man, The Solar Eclipse, and Zion National Park. They are all still frames from timelapses! The Burning Man prints are LIMITED EDITION and will only be available for my Kickstarter supporters.

These giclee art prints are printed using Epson’s archival pigmented inks, which are guaranteed not to fade for at least 100+ years, on a 100% cotton rag, museum quality, acid-free, archival bright white fine art paper.

Prints are smudge resistant, long lasting, and fade resistant! Securely packaged using an acid free plastic sleeve, and shipped inside a protective flat, stiff envelope.

1) San Francisco ~ Heart Fireworks ~ 04/2013
2) Golden Gate Bridge ~ Crescent Moonset ~ Water Snake New Year’s Day ~ 02/2013
3) Golden Gate Bridge & PanStarrs Comet ~ 03/2013
4) Solar Eclipse ~ Pyramid Lake ~ 05/2012
5) San Francisco ~ Full Moon Fireworks ~ 05/2013
6) San Francisco ~ Time Blend Sunset ~ 01/2013
7) San Francisco ~ Pink Sunset Fisheye ~ 02/2013
8) Golden Gate Bridge ~ Foggy Crescent Moonset ~ 02/2013
9) Hawk Hill Sunrise ~ 01/2013
10) Sutro Tower Fog ~ 03/2013
11) Big Sur Full Moon ~ 09/2012
12) Zion Sunset View ~ 09/2012

LIMITED EDITION BURNING MAN PRINTS (Available only to my Kickstarter supporters)

13) Temple Moonset
14) Love
15) Otic Oasis Sunset Stars
16) Bliss Dance Sunset
17) Playa Sunset Filmstrip – *Each shot is also available as an Individual Print*
18) The Man
19) Flaming Lotus Aurora Moonset
20) I Heart Moonsets
21) Flaming Lotus Fireworks
22) Temple Lazer Stars
23) Playa Stars
24) Passage of Awakening
25) Man and the Moon

Sunlight Moonlight ~ A San Francisco Time Blend


San Francisco / Bay Bridge ~ January 6, 2013

This picture is made from 2 combined still frames from a timelapse, taken from Yerba Buena Island. In post (using Adobe After Effects) I combined together 2 different moments in the timelapse.. the first moment was when the sun was over the Transamerica building, and the second was when the city lights were on and it was almost night time. So I guess you could call this a time blend:)

  • Camera: Canon t3i
  • Lens: Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5
  • Focal Length: 10mm
  • Aperture: f/11
  • Shutter Speed: variable HDR
  • ISO: 100

Coachella 2013 ~ Electric Testicles

coachella power station balloon chainSo this was my second year attending coachella for the purpose of timelapsing and filming the balloon chain. I saw some music too:) Some of you may recognize the balloon chain from previous years at coachella, burning man, treasure island music festival, the san francisco marathon, or perhaps anne hathaway’s wedding!

As you can see in this shot, there is more going on than just the balloon chain.. which are the pink lines in the sky. There is also the coachella power station, and artist syd klinge’s twin tesla coils… they are f’n awesome!! To see them in person is incredible! There is a fence around them as a safety precaution, and syd was super cool about letting me put my camera inside the fence so I could get a timelapse of it all.. balloons and lightning!!

This image is what the camera saw for 5 minutes.. but I achieved this in post. since this was a timelapse, and the camera was taking 2.5 second exposures continuously, I was able to stack them together sequentially and simulate the shutter drag.. in the end, this picture mimics a 5 minute exposure! I did this processing on april 20th.. I was enjoying then, and even today i’m still tripping out on this shot! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)

And here’s the resulting timelapse!