Coachella 2013 ~ Electric Testicles

coachella power station balloon chainSo this was my second year attending coachella for the purpose of timelapsing and filming the balloon chain. I saw some music too:) Some of you may recognize the balloon chain from previous years at coachella, burning man, treasure island music festival, the san francisco marathon, or perhaps anne hathaway’s wedding!

As you can see in this shot, there is more going on than just the balloon chain.. which are the pink lines in the sky. There is also the coachella power station, and artist syd klinge’s twin tesla coils… they are f’n awesome!! To see them in person is incredible! There is a fence around them as a safety precaution, and syd was super cool about letting me put my camera inside the fence so I could get a timelapse of it all.. balloons and lightning!!

This image is what the camera saw for 5 minutes.. but I achieved this in post. since this was a timelapse, and the camera was taking 2.5 second exposures continuously, I was able to stack them together sequentially and simulate the shutter drag.. in the end, this picture mimics a 5 minute exposure! I did this processing on april 20th.. I was enjoying then, and even today i’m still tripping out on this shot! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:)

And here’s the resulting timelapse!